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marketing that works: example – Alicia Keys (EN)

marketing that works: example – Alicia Keys (EN)

Marketing that works: example – Alicia Keys

However I published only the title “marketing that works” and added the text “coming soon”, this blog post has already reached more than 100 hits. So I told myself it’s time to write this article. If you are wondering why I did it this way, the answer is simple:

Intentionally. I wanted to demonstrate that what I write below, really works.

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Marketing that works

And how was it with Alicia Augello Cook, better known as Alicia Keys? She announced that her album Girl On Fire would be launched on 27th November 2012. Surprisingly the album was  released on 22nd November 2012. But you could have bought it pretty much earlier (via Amazon or iTunes) – from 4th September 2012, the day when AK unveiled the album title song with the same name (two days later it was presented for a first time at the MTV Video Music Awards). If you bought the album before it really came out, Sony Music offered you immediate bonus possible to download – the above-mentioned first single as “inferno remix” with Niki Minaj and also “Blue-light remix” performed by Alicia Keys.

“Want to see Alicia Keys live performance? Show her that you know well what it means to be #AKGirlOnFire. Share your true stories via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube Viddal”. Alicia Keys has created online movement of all “girls on fire” around the world.

And what she did right before the official launch of album? On 18th November 2012 she performed the title song of the album at the final show X Factor (UK). Perfect timing. Two days later she invited fans around the world to their studios via Google+ Hangout and presented them all the new songs, disclosed tidbit from the creative process behind the curtain as well. Fans going crazy! They were still the first people who heard the album before it officially started to sell!

Relationship marketing

is the opportunity to build a loyal fan base that buy your products or services before it is available. And this fans can also help you with promotion, because this way of “bonding” actuate the consumers. Booking in advance can increase total sales, loyalty to the brand and reduce the fear of selling, because you already know, that a service or product is a real concern – after all, already paid.

If you go through “pre-sale” you should keep in mind:

  1. product, the service, the customer purchased in advance you must deliver (you can not just scoop the money and then disappear)
  2. if you change anything, you have to say that, you have to communicate with your customers
  3. Think about timing, and count on with slack – people will be pleasantly surprised when they receive a product sooner than awaited (and reverse is also true – when deliver the goods after delivery date it is a serious fail)
  4. Communicate with subscribers, they do not need to know all details, but we want to be in touch (for example, at what stage is the delivery)

Movies are promoted months before their are actually completed. There are many people around the world who sold unfinished book. So why do not you? If you are able to finish what you started on time, so why linger with pre-order? But If you are not able to deliver things on time, at least give people a chance to be pinned to the “interested in” list. Once your product is available, you will at least have someone who will want to know about it.

The fact that Beyoncé performance in Bratislava was sold out in 10 minutes is a prove that I am right. And not just because we behave like a herd and we simply have to be there, because it is a “concert of the year” as it was said in a tabloid magazine, but also because of all the subscribers had the opportunity to buy tickets one day earlier. Btw, me too.

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