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catwalk junkie brand

catwalk junkie brand

I catwalk junkie logobrand with surprise

Few weeks ago I catched nice t-shirt with “CARPE THAT FUCKING DIEM” inscription and had to have it immediately. At home I noticed the other one text printed on the inside part of the shirt: “DO WHAT YOU LOVE & LOVE WHAT YOU DO”. Both quotes are not only funny, inspirational, but totally true too. Like to be yourself, be originall. Fingers up! Must say that this t-shirt business was a success. Look at some of this collection:



where to buy catwalk junkie

You can find and buy some nice pieces in many countries (sorry, not in Slovakia),  or online stores.

about catwalk junkie brand

For those who are addicted to fashion but weren’t born to follow.

Catwalk Junkie was founded by a group of friends searching for originality and a way to express themselves. Because they were collectively bored with the fashion industry they joined forces and started a new brand of their own. This brand combines attitude with style and creativity. Inspired by what they like from the catwalk, but driven by a strong understanding that they need to be original and different, they create a unique style of fashion for those who want to make a statement, without being a follower. Do you share this vision? Then join the addiction with Catwalk Junkie!

Like it! Fingers UP!

About Tatiana Leporis

I am Tatiana Leporis, marketing lady, who work for Lowe GGK now. worked for JandL, UNIT (current Tempest), CD Ogilvy, Slovnaft, Creo/Young & Rubicam in the past. I am interested in everything related to marketing strategies, inbound marketing and engagement marketing.

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