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are you ready for marijuana advertising?

are you ready for marijuana advertising?

Are Americans ready for marijuana advertising?

This article title leaped me out few weeks ago. Legalization (in US) is one thing, but pot advertising quite different. I don’t want write about YES / NO drugs, I don’t want to judge anybody, whether use marijuana for medical, recreational purposes, or is drug dependent. What I am interested in is pot marketing. As Robert Klara, author of this article said:

Legal pot will become branded pot, and branded pot will be advertised pot.

I think he is true despite the results of a survey prepared by The Partnership at, which shows that most Americans seem willing to accept legalized marijuana under specific circumstances (70 % for medical purposes, 52 % for decriminalizing marijuana, 42 % for recreational use), but they are completely against marijuana advertising. Over 80 % of parents believe that marijuana advertising should be banned.

This is not surprising for me, because 3/4 of all respondents are parents of children aged 10-19 (maybe I will agree with them when my daughters will be in this age, who knows…), and also because of the author of the study – organization whose purpose is clear – to be against drugs. What surprised me in this survey was that roughly half of parents admitted to having smoked marijuana themselves (43 %), however they identified only one place where it should be permissible to advertise marijuana: “nowhere”.

Marijuana is a product, like alcohol or pharmaceuticals, no doubt about this…

Up to 56 % of all parents stated marijuana sellers should not be allowed to advertise through any of the below choices. Only 21 % were willing to live with marijuana online advertising, and only 17 % were OK with it appearing inside newspapers (19 % inside magazines). When it came to any other media likely to be seen by children the percentages declines rapidly. A mere 3 % of parents were OK with the idea of pot being advertised in video games, and 4 % were willing to countenance the idea of celebrity endorsements.

What I miss below is promotional event like tasting. Just kidding.

Appropriate marijuana advertising:
internet 21%
newspapers 17%
yellow pages 17%
magazines 19%
inside stores 17%
mail 14%
social media 15%
smartphone apps 13%
radio 10%
TV 12%
coupons 10%
billboards 6%
celebrity endorsement 4%
movie theaters 4%
text messages 4%
games on internet 3%

Report summary for downloading: Marijuana: It´s legal. Now what? A Marijuana Attitudes Survey.

I am sure, you would be curious about the outcome of the survey, if it was carried out in the EU. I think there would be slight differences, and also the results will vary from country to country. I promise I will try to find more relevant information to this pot topic within EU, but now dear Europeans, enjoy Amsterdam! It is really one of the most beautiful cities. Do not miss Heineken museum, and enjoy tasting beer for free.

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