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marketing is not scrambled eggs (EN)

marketing is not scrambled eggs (EN)

From panel discussion about new marketing trends: we talked about what works, what works less, and what doesn’t work at all.

Overnight success vs. marketing trends

I realized one thing. Most startup beginners have really brilliant ideas. They are full of enthusiasm and imagine how everything works on 100 %. The snag is they do not see things in a week, or in one month, but what will be in 10 – 20 years: assuming they will provide quality products and services and will pay attention to the end consumer more than themselves. Overnight success is a myth, there is nothing like overnight success, the truth is overnight success takes about 15 years: big brands, namely those we identify today as big, strong, global brands had been profiling many years ago and did a lot within their marketing communication.

Marketing tools – secret ingredients

Unfortunately there is no secret formula of how to mix marketing tools to be successful tomorrow. Each brand is unique; each has a different mix of target groups and for each of them works different methods.

Moreover, marketing is not scrambled eggs. Yes, there are some ingredients – we have some available marketing tools, but how we put them together, it depends on what we want to sell and to whom. Yours marketing strategy is depending from this points.

Of course, I can disclose what works more, less, and what will never work in general. But please, do not take this as a doctrine. Marketing is a long process, years of hard work, learning, experimenting with many failures along the way. And what works for one brand today may not work for another brand tomorrow.

At the beginning is always necessary consider to whom your products or services are addressed. Whether they are designed for mass market, or not. If not, your communication should not be focused on mass market. Mass-market communication is almost always ineffective communication: up to 44% of direct mails ends up (as unopened) in trash baskets. 86% of all people switch TV ads. 84% of all people leave the website if they see some ad there.

What works? Obtaining attention instead of buying attention. Based on survey results blogging (52%) is the most effective tool within inbound marketing, than social media (45%) followed by SEO (38%). In addition, expense of getting one potential customer compared with the traditional outbound marketing is lower up to 62%.

10 useful marketing trends and tips

Here are some useful tips resulting from our discussion:

1. To achieve more please follow the rule “less is more”. Nobody reads 15 lines statements on FB. Even this blogpost is too long. I know.

2. If you want to attract people following you on internet, give them feeling of being unique, being part of something bigger, do not play marketing games with them only. Then they will take the role of PR and will do the PR for you.

3. Would like to lose fans? Repeat the content! Nothing disappoints more than the same content on FB, Google+ and LinkedIn. There is nothing wrong to let know the widest possible audience that you created something new. But keep in mind other audience is on FB, other on Twitter, and other people are on LinkedIn. Do not spam the same information via all platforms which are available. And vice versa, if your fans will get unique information, they will find your website.

4. Nothing to say? Shut up! The best way to get interesting content is discussion. Discussions bring interesting results and suggestions. In addition, satisfaction survey (the quality of products or services), or querying how to improve your service makes always more sense than pushing thousands leaflets.

5. There is a rule; the content should be simple and tailored to the target audience. Get out what your fans are interested in, not self-promo. Otherwise they leave your site immediately. According to them you should customize also the way of communication. Just like in real life – in different way you talk to the teacher and otherwise with the three year old kid. Further – someone likes articles, someone likes videos, and another one prefers infographics. This is exactly what you should bring into your marketing communication on internet.

6. Very important: not only participate in discussion, but also respond the inquiries.

7. Always be prepared for haters even if you communicate in clear way on social networks. There will be always someone who will try to beat your statements or your brand. Remember, every brand has haters; every brand has dissatisfied consumers yearning to shout their problems with you or your brand. My advice, do not ignore them and do not delete their posts. If you will face your mistakes and will communicate transparently, your fans forgive you.

8. The absolute vileness of marketing which does not work at all is spamming. E-mailing works and this is a great way how to get clients. But only if you will send e-mails to the people who have already agreed with getting e-mails or news from you, so you can “bother” them. Otherwise you are wasting time and money and destroying your name. Direct mail works and belongs to the most effective tools. The truth is e-mailing is the fourth most effective tool. The reason is simple: e-mail is one of the few things that everyone reads every day.

9. Take advantage of what you would not think of: e-mail signature, autoreply, vanity URL (short URL) or PURL (personalized URL). I am sure you will click on the link containing your name! Use a QR code and MS tag.

Auto responder example: Thank you for your email. Your credit card has been charged 5.99 € for the first ten words and 1.99 € for each additional word in your message. If you have an emergency, dial 911 and look at this: Or write Thank you. tatiana.

10. The last effective marketing tool for sale increasing is death. As I wrote in previous blog post Elizabeth Taylor earned 210 mil. $ this year. Michael Jackson 145 mil. $, Elvis Presley 55 mil. $, Bob Marley 17 mil. $, John Lennon 12 mil. $, Marilyn Monroe 10 mil. $, Whitney Houston 15 mil. $.

The last one rule: What doesn’t work is doing nothing: satisfaction and naive assumptions. Many people who start a business on internet are making a fundamental mistake. They think it is enough to have a website; they naively assume people will visit this site automatically. No, no and again no! This is the biggest mistake. You cannot wait for the WoM effect. Your task is to create it! And this can only be achieved by daily effort. So go on!

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