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stop complaining about your PR company

stop complaining about your PR company

This article from Amy Westervelt is a must for every marketing / brand / PR manager! Is about the understanding how the media works, what doesn’t and does… and is very well written.

So click and read it now: Stop Complaining about Your PR Firm. Here’s How the Media Works by Amy Westervelt.

My favourite:

Stop worshipping at the altar of print media. For whatever reason, people still think of print coverage as the ultimate feather in their cap. In fact, a lot of journalists have the same bias. Writer friends of mine will routinely ask each other “Oh was that for print, or online?” Also print media pays more—usually a lot more—than online, which is strange because it costs more to make and has fewer readers, but hey, I didn’t make the system I just work in it. At any rate, for a company, I’d say hands-down you’re getting more out of an online hit than a print piece. So stop riding your publicist’s ass about not getting you in the print edition of TIME and thank her or him for the mentions in various blogs. You may not get a photo of yourself in TIME to frame for your office, but chances are those blog posts will be read more and pay back more over time than that one print hit will.

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